Camping with fishing at Urhøj Camping.

At Urhøj Camping in West Zealand, we offer holidays where you can combine camping and fishing at a good price. Our campsite is located on Zealand – right on the Jammerland Bay, and we offer waterfront camping.

The coastline in front of the site is often rewarding, especially for sea trout. Sea trout can be caught all year round, but spring, summer, and fall are preferable. In winter, when the sun is shining, the area around the site can also be filled with sea trout. This is due to the so-called "bathing tubs" found along much of the coast here. Additionally, the coastline is also part of a shallow area – so when the sun shines from a cloudless sky in the cold season, the water warms up faster than where the water is deeper. It attracts both the prey and prey fish of sea trout, and therefore sea trout as well.

When winter is at its coldest, we recommend fishing in Kalundborg Fjord, which you can read more about below. From around the beginning of May, the garfish arrive. They are sometimes in the hundreds along the coast in front of the site and further towards both south and north. The beaked fish can be caught for about 2-3 months thereafter.

If you are experienced, lucky, or particularly persistent (perhaps a combination of all three), it is also possible to lure one of the big mullets of summer to bite. The kelp belts, which are found right in front of Urhøj Camping and towards the south, attract mullets in the 3-5 kg class every year. The mullet is both strong and tasty, but also quite shy. It therefore requires a little extra effort to entice this exciting fish to bite.

Kalundborg Fjord

There is no doubt that Kalundborg Fjord is one of the major attractions in West Zealand, especially for anglers and sports fishermen from all over Zealand. 

A angler from Jutland has cast his love on Kalundborg Fjord specifically and has therefore created a page for the benefit of all, where you can read about the fishing spots in the fjord, see where to park, and which fish can be caught. See the page here.

The many fishing spots in the fjord offer sea trout, garfish, coal fish, cod, and flatfish. From the southern harbor pier, you can catch herring and mackerel in season. 

Kalundborg Fjord is less than 20 km from our campsite. So if you want to combine camping and fishing, this is an obvious opportunity!

Should you also wish to visit Isefjorden, it's about 50 km from the campsite.


Reersø is located a short drive south of the campsite. Here, sea trout, garfish, and mullet are also caught every year. Around this peninsula, you'll find both sandy beaches and beaches with stones. Rocky reefs and kelp belts characterize the underwater world, providing hiding places for prey, prey fish, and hunting grounds for the predatory fish that feed on them.

Kaldred Put and take

Kaldred Put and Take Lake is exceptionally clear. The lake is suitable for the whole family and has both table/bench sets and shelters right by the water.

Rainbow trout are regularly stocked in the lake. In certain periods, other trout species are also introduced, such as golden trout, brook trout, tiger trout, roach, and bream. See and read more about the lake here.

Call and hear more about camping and fishing.

Does the combination of camping and fishing sound appealing to you and your family? Then you are always welcome to contact us. We offer high-quality fishing-camping experiences. We are happy to provide information about prices, options, facilities, and much more.

It is possible to book a spot online during the fishing season. We look forward to seeing you!

Happy and satisfied campers say

Bettina Jensen

"Dejlig campingplads som ligger i et naturskønt område. Skøn badestrand og søde, imødekommende ejere af campingpladsen​"

Bjørn Kielberg Nielsen-Borup

"Efter en uge i påsken, vil jeg varmt anbefale Urhøj Strandcamping. Det er en suveræn plads med gode faciliteter og plads og ikke mindst en pragtfuld natur hvor man får slidt fodsålerne"

Britt Thomsen

"Meget imødekomne personale selv uden for højsæson altid smilende og hjælpsomme og super lækre omgivelser"

Julie Bruzelius Bjørnson Månssen

"Så dejlig campingplads. Vi er på besøg flere gange om året og har været det siden 2015"

Kirsten Lone Dehn

"Tag endelig til Urhøj camping, det er en rigtig skøn plet, den ligger helt vidunderligt, masser af aktiviteter til børn og lækker strand.  Værtsparret er helt fantastiske, så nyd jeres ferie/ lang weekend.!"

Ulla Schlüter Klausen

"Urhøj strand camping er godt for os der elsker udsigten over havet, og nyder naboskabet. Festerne som bliver arrangeret og hyggen. Lone laver dejlig mad og vi får altid et smil med på vejen. Kan kun give pladsen en god anbefaling."

Urhøj Camping er stolt ambassadør for Sjællands Vestkyst. Vi er derudover medlem af DK-CAMP. Læs mere her.

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